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The Ninth Forum for Researchers

On 9 June 2017, the Ninth Forum for Researchers organised by the Corsican Society of History and Natural Sciences in partnership with the University of Corsica and dedicated to the "Fire" Project was held at the Regional Council of Haute-Corse.   The studies being undertaken by PhD and post-doctoral student of this project were presented in the form of oral lectures and posters presenting the full range of studies being done within the framework of the "Fire" Project.


A short film was made on this occasion by Rémi Baudry, apprentice of the License ATC Digital Design of the IUT of Corsica within the University of Corsica’s Research Promotion Unit.

Over the course of this day event: 

In a study entitled: "Wildland fires, what is the toxic potential?" (in French: "Les feux de végétation, quel potentiel toxique ?"), Lara Leonelli presented her work focusing on the toxicity of the smoke released by wildland fires, conducted under the co-supervision of Prof. Paul-Antoine Santoni and Dr Toussaint Barboni. 

His report can be downloaded here

Gauthier Lapa introduced the research he is conducting on the "Influence of prescribed burning on Pinus laricio plantations" (in French: "L’influence des brûlages dirigés sur les pinèdes à Pinus laricio") under the supervision of Dr Lila Ferrat. In it, he exposes the approach associating physical fire measurements with physiological and ecological measures that were implemented during the monitoring of a burn site carried out in boundary conditions.

His report can be downloaded here

Jean Baptiste Tramoni presented in interrogative form: "Shape and structure of vegetation: influence on fire?" (Forme et structure de la végétation, une influence sur le feu ?) " the research that he is leading under the co-supervision of Paul-Antoine Santoni and Dr Frédéric Morandini. A study was conducted with the aim of gaining a better understanding of the behaviour of bush fires (Montpellier cistus). The distribution of fuel within this bush was studies as was its combustibility. The data collected has allowed us to understand the influence of ignition on their reaction to fire and to measure the power generated.

In a report entitled: "Identifying the characteristics of a fire using cameras", Tom Toulouse described the research work that he has conducted under the supervision of Dr Lucile Rossi with the aim of developing a system based on the vision allowing for the geometric characteristics of spreading fires to be estimated.

His report can be downloaded here 

Vito Ciullo presented the "Detection, monitoring and measurement of forest fires by drones", research that he is conducting under the supervision of Dr Lucile Rossi and which is paving the way towards fire measurement under real wildfire situations.

Gilles Plannelle of the SDIS 2B and Antonella Massai of the ONF jointly presented a report entitled "From theory to practice" in which they described the preventative and firefighting actions that they are leading and the collaborative work that they are carrying out with the members of the "Fire" Project of the University of Corsica to satisfy their need for knowledge of phenomena and tools.


 A poster session was also held. Here are the titles of the displayed posters: 

Research into modelling of fires. What is the impact and what feedback is there for our territories? This poster can be downloaded here

Characterisation of the aerosols released by forest fires

Combustion in the laboratory: characterisation of smoke

Wildland / urban interface

Experimental and numerical study of temperature changes in thermally thin wood chunks

This event exposed members of the general public to the problem of wildland fires and the research carried out to assist in understanding, modelling and predicting them by the researchers of the University of Corsica in partnership with the firefighter islanders involved in firefighting efforts. It has also led to fruitful exchanges between all the stakeholders working on the problem of wildland fires in Corsica.



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