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Jean-Baptiste Tramoni

      Position: PhD student

   Section: 62

   Email: tramoni4@univ-corse.fr

   UMR SPE CNRS 6134 Fire Project

   PhD student in Combustion


Univ-corse logoThesis underway onEnergetics, process engineering

Experimental and numerical study of the behaviour of wildland fires 

University of Corsica, October 2014 - end 2017

Research fields

  • Forest fires
  • Calorimetry
  • Physics
  • Propagation
  • Simulation


  • Experimental study of the reaction of fire to plant fuels
  • Spatial characterisation of the structure and composition of plant matter.
  • Characterisation of the moisture content and drying time of plant matter.
  • Numerical study of the combustion of beds of plant fuels under WFDS
  • Numerical study of the reaction of fire to plant fuels under WFDS.

Significant publications

  • Pérez-Ramirez Y, Santoni PA, Tramoni JB, Mell WE (2014) "Numerical simulations of spreading fires in a large-scale calorimeter: The influence of the experimental configuration". In Viegas DX (Ed): Proceedings of the VII International Conference on Forest Fires Research.
  • Pérez-Ramirez Y., Mell W.E., Santoni P.A., Tramoni J.B., Bosseur F. (2017) "Examination of WFDS in Modeling spreading fires in a furniture calorimeter" Fire technology, in press


  • June 2016: Poster Award in Technical Sciences and Health by the Departmental Council of Haute-Corse
  • March 2015: Award for the best presentation at a doctoral event held in Grenoble
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