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Event offering insight into drones

In April 2017, the University of Corsica and the "Fire" Project in collaboration with the ECALIS Association and the Civil Security of Corte organisation, held an event focusing on the theme "Drones, tools for which applications?". It saw the congregation of an audience of 200 people including college students, students, PhD students and university researchers, managers of administrations and companies. This event lent itself to the provision of science and technical information on the use of drones in the research field as well as in the various economic sectors.



I Ragguali di l'Universita published a brief presentation on the event which can be downloaded here

A short film was made on this occasion by Lucas Mottaz, ATC Digital Design vocational degree apprentice at the IUT of Corsica within the University of Corsica’s Research Promotion Unit.


A film produced by the ECALIS Association (Civilian Firefighting Assistance and Surveillance Squadron) revealed the research conducted by the University of Corsica using drones for the measurement of fire.


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