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Proterina Due meetings

On Tuesday 23 September 2014, in partnership with the Graduate School, the Laboratory for Environmental Sciences (CNRS - University of Corsica) held "Les Recontres PROTERINA-2" focusing on the key topic "The second stage in the protection against natural risks: investments in the territory".

PROTERINA-2 was a research contract concluded within the framework of the Operational Italy-France Maritime Programme 2007-2013. The main topic of the PROTERINA-Due proposal was the prevention of natural hazards and in particular hydrogeological risks and forest fires; two risks present in the territory were encompassed by the project (Liguria, Corsica, Sardinia and Tuscany). The new proposal incorporated part of the RESMAR-E project partnership. Its overall objective was to improve the capacity for forecasting and preventing natural hazards. PROTERINA-C has clearly established the fundamental role played by information such as: the ability to understand the territory through an appropriate monitoring network; knowledge of the processes that contribute to determining risk conditions in the territory; the capacity for two-way dialogue and exchange between authorities and citizens; drawing on lessons learned and dissemination of any new knowledge acquired.
The project has provided for two main types of investment: The first relates to strengthening observation networks in the regions concerned. Specific attention has been paid to issues relating to geological risks and those relating to forest fires. The second type of investment aims to improve the sharing of information (data and models) between the authorities and the territory (ordinary citizens and organised groups). The ultimate goal is to raise the public's awareness about the risks and behaviour to be adopted in order to ensure personal safety.
The beneficiaries (both direct and indirect) are the relevant regional administrations responsible for civil protection, civil protection operations centres, research structures working on risk prevention and target groups of citizens who have followed training courses and awareness campaigns.

The outcome of the Proterina-Due project in the operational sphere of fire safety was covered at this event, which 70 people attended.

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