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Field platform


The experimental field platform of the "Fire" Project is comprised of tracts of burning land with surface areas ranging from 10m² to 1ha.  Two types of land sites are provided for.

- Small land sites (surface area < 50m²) which are, at present, located at the Corte National Security Unit 5 (Haute-Corse). Generally the combustible matter used is pine curling grain wood.



- Large land sites on which prescribed burning operations are arranged across Corsica by island firefighter participants.




The following measurements are carried out on the field platform:

  • Physical measurements (thermal - aerological)
  • Measurement of the geometric characteristics of fire through stereovision 
  • Loss of matter and analysis of gasses
  • Large field particle image velocimetry
  • Network of wireless sensors



  Measurement of the geometric characteristics of fire through stereovision 

    The following equipment is used for measurement in the visual range:

  • Two stereovision systems set up using JAI AD080 GE cameras 


The stereovision systems comprise two JAI AD080 GE statically focused on a particular point a metre apart. These cameras simultaneously acquire images in the visual range (400 nm - 700 nm) and near infrared (700 nm - 900 nm) range. The cameras are synchronised in pairs and a device using radio waves simultaneously triggers stereovision systems that can be more than 100m apart. 

Each stereovision system is equipped with a case containing an APM2.5.2 card so as to obtain information regarding its positioning (yaw, pitch and roll).


Each camera is connected to a computer which in turn is connected to the stereovision system through a twisted cable pair with a power supply, while the power supply of the overall device’s electrical equipment is provided through batteries for one system and solar panels for the other.



  • A GPS Leica CS10 with a GS08plus receiver


 This centimetric precision GPS makes it possible to record the GPS positions of the vision systems in order to record the three-dimensional information obtained from each device.


  • Drones

Since 2015, research has been conducted with a view to developing a measurement system of the geometric characteristics of fire using drones.

This research was initiated using small AR Parrot 2.0 drones. 


The second part of this research was initiated in 2016 and involved a drone equipped with a stereovision system guided by a Robotic Operating System (ROS).


This drone is constantly undergoing improvements both in terms of the stereovision system and its flight path controller.


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