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Italy/France maritime cross-border partnership programme Proterina-C AOOGRT/15648/F045.070 

A system for the prediction and prevention of the impact of climate condition variability on risks in natural and urban areas.

Start date: May 2009 Duration: 36 months

Overall project budget: €3,500K including UMR/Fire credit: €500K

Partners: The Ligurian Region, the University of Corsica, the Sardinian region, ARPAS Sardinia, the University of Sassari, CNR IBIMET


The aim of this programme is to evaluate the impact of climate variability on fire and hydrogeological risks in natural and urban areas for the Corsican, Ligurian and Sardinian Regions. The overall objective is to provide these regions, which show strong similarities, with shared tools for managing risks taking into account climate variability.

The ultimate beneficiaries were governments and local administrations involved in fire risk prevention.

The Proterina-Due G25I0800001L0007 Maritime Italy/France cross-border cooperation programme

The second phase for protection against natural risks: investments in the territory – Proterina-Due.

Start date: June 2013 Duration: 30 months

Overall project budget: €2,000K including UMR/Fire credit: €150K

Partners: The Ligurian Region, the University of Corsica, the Sardinian Region, the ARPAS, Sardinia, The University of Sassari, CNR-IBIMET, LAMMA.

The project entails the implementation of methodologies to test a fire simulation tool at laboratory level.


PICS Project no 5625 Study of the ignition and spread of smouldering fires

This project was developed in collaboration with Russia and Great Britain.  Research work on the study of peat in fire conditions. Working in collaboration with researchers from the University of Tomsk and Edinburgh, we brought to light significant variations in terms of thermal behaviour depending on the source of the provided samples (Siberia or Scotland), the level of decomposition and the depth at which the peat was harvested. This PICS also provided the opportunity to consider the energy potential of peat and develop an algorithm allowing for the simulation of degradation at high heating rates.

Start date: March 2010 Duration: 36 months

Budget for the Fire Project €15K


SEAFHI partnership project with Indonesia (PHC NUSANTARA 2017)

This project was conducted in partnership with K. Chetehouna (PRISME), A. Coppalle (CORIA), E. El Tabach (University of Orléans), D. Morvan (M2P2), J.L. Rossi (UMR SPE) in addition to Indonesian researchers. 

Recently, fires in Indonesia have become increasingly difficult to fight, not only owing to climate events such as El Nino but primarily due to the major urban and country planning changes that have taken place.

The aim of this research project is to unite researchers with varied skills, improve an existing simulation tool and its use as a decision-making and development support tool for various scenarios and local action plans relating to firefighting efforts.

Start date: January 2018, Duration: 24 months


Bilateral PESSOA Project (Portuguese Foundation for Science / Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

The aim of this project is to facilitate collaboration between the ADAI Laboratories (Pr. D.X. Viegas) and SPE (A. Simeoni, J.L. Rossi, F.J. Chatelon and T. Marcelli) with visits by researchers focusing on forest fire related topics.

Project duration: 2006 - 2009

Partners: "Fire" Project of the University of Corsica, ADAI Laboratory in Coimbra, Portugal.



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