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Laboratory Platform



The following measurements are carried out on the laboratory platform:

  • Measurement of the fire output through oxygen consumption calorimetry
  • Measurement of the gas released during burns through FTIR
  • Measurement of temperatures
  • Measurement of the heat radiation released
  • Measurement of the geometric characteristics of fire through vision


List of equipment:

  • 1 oxygen-consumption cone calorimeter
  • 1 large oxygen-consumption cone calorimeter (3m x 3m host)
  • 1 FTIR gas analyzer attached to two calorimeters
  • 2 electric radiant panels
  • 1 gas radiant panel
  • 2 64-channel acquisition units
  • Sensors: K-type thermocouples with exposed joints, sheathed K-type thermocouples, radiation flow meters (20 and 100 kW / m2), total flow meters (20 and 100 kW / m2), hot-wire anemometer
  • Weighing units
  • 1 infrared camera (3 - 5 µm) with filters
  • 1 portable infrared camera (5-14 µm)
  • 1 rapid camera
  • Camcorders and digital cameras
  • 1 steriliser (1.8m x 0.6m)
  • 1 reclining (0-20°) 2m x 2m bench
  • 1 DTA-CPG/SM and DIF analytical chain: Automatic Heat Desorber attached to a Gas Chromatograph with two Sensors: Flame Ionisation Detector and Mass Spectrometer



Measurement of the fire output through oxygen consumption calorimetry

- Cone calorimeter

The power output of small samples (up to 10g) is carried out using a cone calorimeter A gas analyser allows for the measurement of O2, CO and CO2 gas released during burns. The mass of the sample is also recorded throughout the thermal degradation process using a precision scale.



- Characterisation of fuel beds

Fire output for fuel loads <4 kg is measured using Large Scale Heat Release Apparatus. A tilting combustion bench allows for the effect of slope on the behaviour of the fire to be studied. This is positioned on a weighing unit that records the mass loss of the sample over time. The temperature of the fuel bed preheated by the flame front is also recorded using infrared thermography.



- Characterisation of the behaviour of bush fires (Montpellier cistus)

Whole cistus samples are exposed to a set of radiant panels. The output released and loss of matter is measured by the LSHR and the weighing unit.


The heat flows released by the burning sample are measured by flow meters. Radiant panel and plant temperatures are also monitored using thermocouples and an infrared camera.


Measurement of combustion gases

An FTIR is used to measure the change in combustion gases throughout the thermal degradation of the fuel. This device can be attached to two calorimeters.


Measurement of the geometric characteristics of fire through vision

The stereovision system used in the laboratory is the XB3 Bumblebee device from PTGree.  It features three cameras connected in a rigid manner spaced 12 cm apart. A box is used to thermally protect the device.


Three devices are placed around the platform in the laboratory on which small fires are ignited and start spreading in such a way as to obtain complementary points of view. The registration of three-dimensional data obtained from each system is carried out using a calibration cube.


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