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Gauthier Lapa

    Position: PhD student 

    Section: 67


   Fire Project UMR SPE CNRS 6134

   PhD student in Population Biology and Ecology

Thesis title: Assessment of the impact of controlled burns on Pinus laricio pine plantations

Research fields

  • Forest ecology
  • Plant physiology
  • Prescribed burning
  • Plant responses to environmental factors


Sap flow measurements (Granier method) to study raw sap ascents.

Chlorophyll fluorescence measurements (PAM-2100, Walz) to quantify different parameters of photochemistry.

Gaseous exchange measurements (Li-6400, Licor) to quantify photosynthesis, various parameters of the Calvin cycle as well as transpiration of pine needles.

Measurement of the loss of hydraulic conductivity by dyeing the xylem.

Trapping arthropods with Malaise, Barber pitfall and Emergence traps and identification (collaboration with the Environment Office of Corsica and researchers from the National Museum of Natural History).

Botanical surveys in forest environments.

The author of 2 international publications, she has taken part in 2 international conferences.

Significant publications

- Forey, E., E. Langlois, G. Lapa, N. Korboulewsky, T. M. Robson, and M. Aubert. 2016. Tree species richness induces strong intraspecific variability of beech Fagus sylvatica. European Journal of Forest Research 135:707–717.

- Lapa, G., L. Lecomte, F. Morandini, V. Cancellieri, D. Cancellieri, and L. Ferrat. 2014. Effect of prescribed burning on chlorophyll fluorescence and sap flow of Pinus laricio, a preliminary study. pp 527–535 Advances in forest fire research. D. X. Viegas. Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal.

- Lapa, G., F. Morandini, and L. Ferrat. Submitted. Sap flow and photosynthetic response to climate and drought of Pinus nigra in a Mediterranean natural forest. Trees.


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