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Virginie Tihay-Felicelli

 Senior lecturer in the 62nd Section

 UMR SPE CNRS 6134 Fire Project


PhD in Energetics, University of Corsica, 2007 
Engineering speciality "Engineering of Energetic Materials", ENSIETA, Brest, 2004

Research fields
  • Study of combustion and heat transfer during wildland fires
  • Study of the behaviour of wildland fires
  • Study of the issue of fires in areas lying between natural environments (peat bogs, forests, etc.) and buildings.


My work focuses on:
  • developing an experimental approach with a view to obtaining global thermodynamic and geometric magnitudes (power at the frontline, rate of biomass loss, radiative fraction, shape and speed of the fire front) in describing the dynamics involved in the spread of wildland fire in a laboratory setting.
  • experimentally studying the flammability and combustion of plant matter.
  • studying buildings’ vulnerability to fire.


The author of 17 international publications, she has taken part in 14 international conferences.


Significant publications

V. Tihay-Felicelli, P.A. Santoni, G. Gerandi, T. Barboni, Smoke emissions due to burning of green waste in the Mediterranean area: influence of fuel moisture content and fuel mass, Atmospheric Environment, Vol. 159, 92-106, 2017.

V. Tihay-Felicelli, P.A. Santoni, T. Barboni, L. Leonelli, Autoignition of Dead Shrub Twigs: Influence of Diameter on Ignition, Fire Technology, Vol. 52 (3), 897-929, 2016

V. Tihay, F. Morandini, P.A. Santoni, Y. Perez-Ramirez and T. Barboni, Combustion of forest litters under slope conditions: burning rate, heat release rate, convective and radiant fractions for different loads, Combustion and flame, Vol. 161, 3237-3248, 2014

V. Tihay, F. Morandini, P.A. Santoni, Y. Perez-Ramirez, T. Barboni, Study of the influence of fuel load and slope on a fire spreading across a bed of pine needles by using oxygen consumption calorimetry, Vol. 395, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 012075, 2012


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