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Dominique Cancellieri

                       Senior lecturer CNU 31st Section


                       UMR SPE CNRS 6134 Fire Project


Univ-corse logoPhD in Energetics, Process Engineering and Theoretical Chemistry,

Physics, Analytics, University of Corsica, 2005


Research fields
  • thermokinetic characterisation of biopolymers at different levels
  • thermal degradation mechanism modelling


My work mainly concerns characterising the principles of ignition and spread in relation to thermochemistry on various plant fuels.

It is both experimental and numerical in nature. This work is carried out using differential enthalpy analysis and thermogravimetry on various plants representative of the Corsican canopy under functional conditions that are as close as possible to those encountered during a fire.
They also focus on the implementation of an original method called the Hybrid Kinetic Method (integrated in WinGpyro software) which was developed in the laboratory with the aim of quantifying thermokinetic parameters based on experimental data. This tool combines isoconversional and kinetic methods with the imposed model.

Since 2010, we have wanted to extend this research to the study of smouldering fires. With the aim of developing a research topic focusing on ignition and the spread of this type of fire.

Parallel to this research, a prototype dedicated to the experimental gravimetric differential study of fires on a life-size scale (in the field) has been developed. Transitioning to the field posed a real scientific barrier when planning comparative studies of the behaviour of different combustible fuels under real conditions of fire.

The author of 16 international publications, she has taken part in 10 international conferences.

Significant publications

2015 Chapter 5 – Modeling Peat-Fire Hazards: From Drying to Smoldering A. Filkov, V. Leroy-Cancellieri, D. Cancellieri, D. Gladky, A. Simeoni Coal and Peat Fires: A Global Perspective: Volume 4: Peat – Geology

2012WinGPYRO: A software platform for kinetic study of forest fuels D. Cancellieri, E. Innocenti, V. Leroy-Cancellieri Fire Safety Journal 2012 58, 1pp 03-111

2011 A comparative study to evaluate the drying kinetics of Boreal peats from micro to macro scales A. Filkov, A. Kuzin, O. Sharypov, V. Leroy-Cancellieri, D. Cancellieri, E. Leoni, A. Simeoni, G. Rein Energy and Fuels, 2012, 26(1), pp 349–356

2011 Kinetic investigation on the smouldering combustion of boreal peat D. Cancellieri, V. Leroy-Cancellieri, E. Leoni, A. Simeoni, Y. Kuzin, A. Filkov, G. Rein Fuel Volume 93, March 2012, pp. 479–485

2010 Kinetic study of forest fuels by TGA: Model-free kinetic approach for the prediction of phenomena V. Leroy, D. Cancellieri, E. Leoni, JL. Rossi. Thermochimica Acta, Volume 497, Issues 1-2, pp. 1-6

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