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Jacques-Henri Balbi

Jacques Henri Balbi           Professor of Physics Emeritus
           Twice Chair of the University of Corsica,
           Former Director of the UMR
            Fire Project UMR CNRS 6134 SPE

Research fields
  • Development of simplified radiative and convective physical models to assess surface fire behaviour
  • Development of simplified eruptive fire prediction models
  • Development of models allowing for the impact of wildland fires to be measured for a specific target
  • Determination of criteria preventing spread and the rate of flat spread without wind


Research activities
Even having been Chair of the University of Corsica twice, Director of the CMCS, the CNRS URA and finally the UMR SPE 6134, Jacques-Henri hasn’t stopped his research efforts.
He formed the Fire team, and was Thesis Supervisor for most of the current researchers in the Fire team.
He is the brainchild behind the development of the fire spread model (which bears his name) for surface fires and is currently still working on improving it through his full version (radiative and convective).



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